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A Multi – Disciplinary Creative Brand Engagement Firm and Strategic Business Development Consultancy


Who We Are |
| The JTA Group is a multidisciplinary creative brand engagement
| firm and a business development consultancy with specialized
| concentrations across different industries.../

Our Mission |
| To positively impact the life of each and every client and/or business
| we come into contact with via our cross list of unique professional
| services.../

How We Work |
| We strategically work with brands and clients to:

              | To create value through Brand Awareness Creation, 
              | Strategic Business Image Exposure and via Highly
              | Curated Branded Experiences.../

              | To increase relevant Market Share within their industry segment.../ 
              | To leverage strong Business Partnerships by retaining Top and Proven Experts
              | in their respective fields of industry to help our clients achieve top line
              | business growth.../

Our Professional Creative and Business Development SERVICES

Branding |
| brand development
| brand identity creation
| brand marketing strategy
| personal branding strategy
| brand advertising strategy
| brand identity management
| brand pr and communication
| branded celebrity association strategy

Business Strategy |
| business development
| business model development
| business model execution strategy
| business plan management strategy
| business of fashion development
| business strategy advising
| business growth strategy

Content Development |
| artistic content development
| advertising content development
| branded content development
| creative content development
| curated content development
| digital content development
| editorial content development
| integrated content development
| photographic content development
| sponsored content development
| visual content development
| video content development

Communication Competency |
| interpersonal communication competency consulting.../
| intercultural communication competency consulting.../
| organizational communication competency consulting.../

Creative Services |
| professional creative direction
| professional art direction

          | fashion runway choreography
          | fashion show creative direction   
          | fashion design creative direction 

          | live entertainment production
          | live theater performance staging
          | live event creative artistic direction

          | ad campaign creative direction
          | advertorial campaign production
          | editorial campaign creative direction

          | photoshoot creative direction
          | visual branding creative direction

Design Strategy |
| design development strategy (fashion/apparel industry)
| design portfolio development (fashion/apparel industry)
| designer portfolio management (fashion/apparel industry)
| designer marketing and pr strategy (fashion/apparel industry)
| design business consulting strategy (fashion/apparel/creative industries)

Diversity Management |
| diversity management strategy
| equity management strategy

eCommerce Consulting |
| eCommerce development strategy
| eCommerce marketing strategy
| eCommerce PR strategy

          | social selling development and management  strategy
          | social commerce strategy development and management

Event Strategy |
| event planning and concept execution strategy
| signature events development and planning
| special concept event development

          | fundraiser events design and strategic development

          | curated marquee events design and development
          | benefits/gala events development strategy
          | professional fashion show production

Fashion |
| fashion design consulting
| fashion design strategy
| fashion creative consulting
| fashion business development
| fashion eCommerce consulting
| fashion business strategic marketing
| fashion sales and marketing strategy
| full fashion brand development and management (concept-to-market)

Fashion Pattern Making and Sample Making Development (full service) |
| ideation-sketch-design
| sketch-to-professional pattern development
| pattern-into-first prototype
| prototype-into-approved final sample

Fashion Sourcing | a comprehensive 360 list of sourcing services |
| full-service: manufacturers/fabric mills/fabric designers/ordering/wholesalers
| fashion labels and tags ordering strategy
| in-store merchandising strategy
| merchandise re-orders
| trade show sourcing

Marketing and Advertising |
| digital marketing strategy
| social marketing strategy
| editorial marketing strategy
| media planning and development

          | marketing campaign strategy
          | marketing campaign development

          | advertorial marketing strategy
          | advertorial campaign development

          | influencer marketing strategy
          | celebrity association marketing

Personal Branding |
| personal image development
| professional image development
| public image development strategic
| public image management strategy
| professional wardrobe development
| professional image management
| professional custom clothier/designing/tailoring strategy

PR Intelligence Strategy |
| digital intelligence analytics strategy
| predicative media intelligence strategy
| comprehensive and geo-targeted pr positioning strategy

Production |
| fashion runway show production
| fashion trunk show production
| fashion markets event production

Talent Development |
| professional talent development strategy
| professional artists development strategy
| professional modeling portfolio development strategy

          | professional actor coaching and training
          | professional grooming and development strategy (for fashion models/actors/artists)

Talent Management |
| professional talent management strategy
| professional artists management strategy
| professional talent casting services (models/dancers/artists/actors)

Video Strategy |
| comprehensive Digital Video Marketing strategy |
initial consult
vision ideation
production budget
production strategy
concept development
research and development
editorial/advertorial strategy
production timeline/schedule
key vision messaging re-clarification
content distribution strategy
media buying and planning
casting/talent acquisition
full vision execution
full production
post production testing strategy
finalized content delivery |

Web Development Strategy |
initial consult
ideation strategy
research and development
messaging identification
vision development
vision execution

Our Professional Services and Business Offerings |

[Consulting Services]
:: (all consulting services are offered on an hourly basis Only.../

[Retainer Services]
:: (retainer services are offered on offered on an unlimited hours per month basis .../)

[Project Based]
:: (we also open to working with you on as needed-per-project basis.../)

About Our Founder and Key Business Properties |

Founder and Chief Creative Officer |
| Justice K Kwarteng, BFA, MFA

Our Digital Properties |
| coloradofashionweek.me
| coloradofashionweek.co
| iamcollage.co
| thejtagroup.com

[The JTA Academies | ‘the official professional grooming & private talent development arm of The JTA Group’]
| jmodelsandtalent.ning.com
| jschoolcreativetalent.ning.com
| theactorstrainingstudioacademy.ning.com

E | Justice@thejtagroup.com || T | 720.938.4395 |